Together against the big ones

Oct 19, 2009


The WCA Family of Logistic networks calls itself “ The most power full group of independent freight forwarders worldwide. What that exactly means and where things will go with this company, gets explained by Monica Tappi’s collegue , Angelo Scorza.

We do not believe in exclusivity , explains Tappi. For 5 years now this Italian lady is based in Amsterdam as Vice President for the WCA Family of Logistic Networks Ltd, where she is responsible for the whole of Europe.

The Amsterdam office supports the network and coordinates it’s activities. Besides that it supplies IT support and helps with marketing and accountancy.


WCA Family

The WCA family of Logistic networks comprises nowadays of 5 networks: already in 1998 the World Cargo Alliance was established. Meanwhile belonging to the Family are “ The Advanced Professional Logistics Network” , “The China Global Logistics Network”, “ The Inter Global Logistics Network “ and “ The WCA Projects Network”.

The company has a neutral position within the organization emphasizes Tappi. The target is much more to achieve synergy between members.
The biggest part of the network’s members are the smaller and medium sized companies who engage against the big ones to establish market share.

In order to be a part of the WCA family one has to be financially sound , experienced in business and show a professional working attitude. It is for Tappi very well possible that members in some countries have large operations.

Her point however is that contrary to the very large international operations, a network of smaller operations is flexible, can accelerate quickly and can offer specific know how in certain regions.

“The WCA family offers a platform on which these elements can be fully utilized emphasizes Tappi.

2,827 companies worldwide have meanwhile been convinced of this concept. By the end of this year it shall be 3,000 but not everybody can become a member.
Tappi: We select / approve not more than ¾ of all applicants worldwide. A crucial factor for being welcomed into the network is Quality.

Criteria such as one member per country , do therefore not exist. The 80 staff of the WCA Family of Logistic Networks are spread over the Globe :

Las Vegas , Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and Bangkok.
They are not only involved in who is welcomed into the “Family” but also help the members when it really matters: to find the right partner for a member at another continent.
Many companies believe for instance that Europe is a uniform market which can be covered by one agent explains Tappi. In reality Europe is still very fragmented. Tappi : We help therefore to find the right partner for our members in each country.