1300 top independent freight forwarders unite

Mar 05, 2009


Bangkok, Thailand – February 24, 2009:  At the largest event ever organized by WCA Family of Logistic Networks in Thailand, 1273 independent and regional cargo agents representing 153 countries came together for a week-long networking conference dominated by the more than 40,000 one-on-one prescheduled meetings among WCA Family members. The conference agenda also included a series of social functions such as welcome cocktail receptions, gala dinners, city tours, and golf tournaments designed to maximize personal interaction and encourage a spirit of camaraderie amongst the participant members.
The 7-day member-only event included the annual worldwide conferences of the World Cargo Alliance (which convened for the 11th time) followed by the combined congress for members of Advanced Professional Logistics Network, Inter-Global Logistics Network, and China Global Logistics Network. These groups form part of the WCA Family of Logistic Networks, where members work together with peace of mind under a common payment protection program known as Gold Medallion. This member to member protection program guarantees the financial performance of its agents in transactions with fellow members for up to $50,000.00 USD per member company. At the event, WCA Family’s president and founder, Mr. David Yokeum, announced the doubling of the plan’s annual maximum payout limitation from US$500,000.00 to US$1,000,000.00.
Marveling at the record turnout of the meeting despite the current world financial crisis, Mr. Yokeum explained that “an organization such as WCA Family has become an even more vital business component to its member companies,” and adding that “most of our members are taking prudent measures to protect themselves by switching any remaining traffic they control previously handled by non-members over to WCA Family members in order to gain the financial protection guaranteed by the Gold Medallion program.”
Yokeum went on to estimate how many millions of dollars of traveling budget are saved by the WCA Family members who each made “only one trip but enjoyed the opportunity to meet with hundreds of members from virtually every world market all at one venue. In these tough times, it is essential to not only maintain and strengthen existing business,” commented the WCA Family president, “but to also meet new agents and forge new relationships for the future. Traveling is time consuming and extremely expensive and most WCA Family members realize the incredible value offered by our conferences, widely considered to be the most important benefit of membership.”
Member delegates also attended a brief plenary session at which the latest member benefits and programs were presented along with a one-hour orientation for new members explaining all the WCA Family tools available and how best to utilize them to exploit membership to its maximum potential.
WCA Family of Logistic Networks, which operates six alliances with more than 2,700 independent forwarder offices in 575 cities: World Cargo Alliance (WCA), Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN), China Global Logistics Network (CGLN), InterGlobal Logistics Network (IGLN), WCA Projects Network (WCAPN) and WCA Partnerships.
WCA Family operates Regional Service Centers worldwide in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Mumbai and Shanghai managed by a staff of more than 70 networking professionals.